Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros



At first listen, you’ll either be wrapped inside of it, or you’ll just write it off as a simple, cheesy ballad.  I’m wrapped.

Generally, I have problems with cutesy, head-bobbing tracks, but the authenticity and play between the singers, frontman Alex Ebert (formerly of Ima Robot) and Jade Castrinos is too inviting, too charming.  And this is from a guy who hates “charming” things.

After minor research, the critics label this as neo-hippie rock, or hippie-ster (lame).  I believe this has more to do with the persona and image the band is emitting, rather than the music itself (though I’ve only heard a handful of songs).

Something I enjoy seeing more and more is the proliferation of horns fused into modern rock songs / bands.  I’m referring to the way Broken Social Scene (and ES & the MZ) utilizes multi-instrumentalists / a horn section, not the way ska bands use them.

Once I have moved and scraped some cash together, this is an album I will be purchasing.

The best professional write-up I found is located here:



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