Two-year Das Racist Recap

It can be difficult to talk hip-hop because so much of it tip-toes the half-step freefall into garbage.

Das Racist utilizes their strengths of cultural references and humorous slackerdom. Paired with unique music and refreshing, non-sterile rhymes, Das Racist has proven to be a contemporary leader.

Most internet literate folks have heard Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. But 2010 provided the releases Shut Up, Dude (March) and Sit Down, Man (Sept).  And “Ek Shaneesh” (from Shut Up, Dude) illustrates perfectly who these guys are.


“I am a pick-up truck. I am America. I am America. I am a pick-up truck.”

Honest, observant and bluntly hilarious, these guys are what contemporary hip-hop should be. After generations of recycled braggadocio, Das Racist brings a fresh, observant, careless air to a music that was formerly self-centered and boring.

One of my favorites from Sit Down, Man.


And if you’d like to put their pop-culture knowledge to the test, enjoy “Shorty Said”


With all this rollover hype from 2010, I was skeptical of their September 13, 2011 release, Relax.

And though the album is not “break doors down” great, it’s pretty damn good. Here are my two favorite tracks:


“You probably think this song is about you, you vain.” Who raps about Carly Simon? These guys do.

Though “Power” has a guest rapper who throws out the obligatory language about genitalia and such, the other 90% of the song hits perfectly.

And “The Trick” settles things down with an anthem of satisfaction-

[audio:|titles=Das Racist_Relax_13_The Trick]

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  1. Will Tullos Says:

    I have their new album in my library, honestly I’ve been scared to listen to it in fear of being disappointed. Gonna bite the bullet and give it a go now.

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