Three Quick Tracks

To follow the DFW excerpts, I thought I’d post three quick tracks I’d been meaning to put out for awhile now.

This first track is from the “hardcore Latin funk” band Brownout.


Based out of Austin, I wish I’d been able to hear them live before I skipped town.

Though the video is nothing special (not a Scarface fan), the song serves as one of Dylan Jones’s favorite pre-gaming traditions and you should try throwing it on while working up the energy to get your weekend started. I’m pretty sure it’ll succeed.

Next is a Madlib produced, M.E.D. mic’d song about African-American and Latino people working toward unity.


Easily one of my favorite hip-hop videos I’ve seen in years.

And closing out the trio is a hard-to-find track from native-Texan turned Anglophile (lives, records, and performs mostly in England)  Micah P Hinson.


Though I was unable to find a worthwhile video (sorry), the song should be interesting enough.┬áThe creative use and layering of strings, distortion, multiple percussionists, etc. is where I’d like more musicians focusing their attention.

Micah P Hinson’s music had previously been much more naked than this track. His newer, larger sound in this case is a success. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

More DFW coming soon.

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