Funk Slurpin’

Most music (and all muzak) doesn’t make sense to me. Frustrating are the days where at every corner an SUV blasts synthetic bass and every stores’ speakers leak tunes that make each daily errand that much more irritating.

In the words of Judd Nelson, “B.O.O. – H.O.O.” Woe is me.

However, I do look on the bright side of things and realize that funk music is never far from reach. Man, Funk is something else. At it’s most commercial, Funk produces tracks like “Jungle Boogie.” And it’s accessibility and attraction reflects that of it’s Godfather.


Mr. James Brown kills.

Rarely do I feel wholehearted support in a particular music style. But Funk has it. When Funk was rising, other music was losing its appeal: Rock got too gaudy, folk artists got castrated, disco was disco, and punk can sometimes be reduced to music for kids in perpetual “time-out.”

But Funk? Funk was aware, active, and kicking-ass. It brought together everlasting bass lines and brass geysers. Relevant rage and sincere camaraderie. Is this an overtly romantic view? Of course it is, but realize that this music came into its own on the heels of Jim Crow… and Funk had something to say.

In my short life, there hasn’t been a music trend, fad, or “craze” that hasn’t completely smelled of phoniness. But Funk always seems honest, authentic and the absolute best way to both party and promote social and political responsibility (though not always at the same time).

“Mind Power” is a perfect example of this.



There’s also no one else I’d rather hear scream out their troubles. From “Lost Someone” to “Goodbye My Love, Pts. 1 &2.”

Unfortunately, those files are too large to load, but here’s an example of impeccably performed heartache and a testament as to why he earned the nicknamed “The Hardest Working Man in Show-Business.” A very, very tight performance of “It’s a Man’s World.”


There were many, many others who Funked. Here are a few tracks I prefer – Isaac Hayes:

The Temptations:


James Knight & the Butlers:


the Chi-Lites:


the funkiest Hendrix track I’ve ever heard:


Anyhow, those were just some tracks to getcha on the good foot.

Raise the butt of your bottle upwards, it’s the weekend.

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