This should have happened years ago.


BULLET TRAINS! (browse right quick)-

Even though road trips are amazing, they are time consuming, expensive (gas, parking, road trip “snacks” otherwise known as creating meals from convenience store junk food, etc) and at times nerve-racking (traffic, detours, road fatigue).  But here’s a dreamworld where travelers arrive to one of five regions in the nation and are able to easily explore the entire region.  And if they transported, shipped, or obtained a bicycle upon arrival, it would only make exploring that much more enjoyable and open to experience.

With friends who live in St. Louis and make the commute to Chicago regularly as well as friends in central Texas who have to commute to Dallas regularly (both trips taking anywhere from 4 to 6 hours by car), I know from experience that these trips are frustrating.  And in some cases, the drive itself is the only reason to NOT travel.  With the option of cost and time efficient “bullet trains,” as well as the comfort to read, use a laptop, etc during travel, these trips would really alleviate the strain of our country’s wide open spaces.

With some trains’ projected speeds of 220mph, they could, provided they don’t have as strenuous security or similar delays and pains that come with air-travel, rival plane-trips in the speed and efficiency department.

Selfishly, these trains would make it easier for a guy like me, who prefers traveling in urban settings on a bike rather than car, to realize their dreams of biking through most of America’s major cities within reach.

There are many reasons these projects have yet to come into fruition.  But believe me, if just one of these projects is completed, I’ll not only visit the region and enjoy every minute of it, I’d even consider moving there.  Okay, not Florida, but the other regions?  Of course.

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